For measuring the gland packing size the following methods can be used. • Truly a do … The special lubricant and packing eliminate the need for water to lubricate and cool the rotating shaft. as your prop shaft and then cut away. To determine the right length for your boat, measure the distance from where the shaft is mounted on the deck or the transom to the water. At the end of this message is a link to 38AFT spec sheet. If it comes out as shapeless wads of fluff, then measure the space between the shaft and the inside of the packing nut to determine the correct flax size. { Then add 16" (for MotorGuide) or 20" (for Minn Kota) and select the next closest measurement. For shafts of size 16 to 28 mm diameter the gland packing of size 8 mm is used. However the hammered and thinned packings would again gain their width after being compressed. amazon_ad_tag="nhknives-20"; I want to install gore packing on my shafts. Bill said, I for one think that's worth a twenty. { The new packing is what seals the shaft. }. { Packing the drive shaft stuffing box; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. An incorrectly selected gland packing would soon fail in service and lead to leakages. } Every shaft – whether it be graphite or steel – has a certain amount of torque. Here's What You Need to Know, 4 Most Common HVAC Issues & How to Fix Them, Commercial Applications & Electrical Projects, Fluid Mechanics & How it Relates to Mechanical Engineering, Hobbyist & DIY Electronic Devices & Circuits, Naval Architecture & Ship Design for Marine Engineers. amazon_ad_width="728"; Even if off somewhat; shouldn't be off enuff to take you to next diameter of packing. Also inspect the shaft where the original packing rubbed on the shaft. What Capt. Usually, I take the old packing to the store, physically match it to the nearest size and buy a bunch of that. { location = document.selecter1.select1.options[document.selecter1.select1.selectedIndex].value Propeller Depot is … Order your Marine Shaft Packing and save today. After the tightening slackens the nuts and finger tighten. The selection of gland packing is a very important part of the marine engineer’s job. Its easy to determine which size GFO fiber packing you need. skive joint. As such, it's important to make sure you select the proper shaft length. Howdy all. You’ll either have to unpack the truck entirely to exchange it for the next size up, or arrange alternate moving … Do not use anything coarser than 800-grit paper. These seals require lighter packing pressure than standard oil- and water-resistant packing seals, so they cause less friction and reduce shaft wear. A common mistake is winding the new … Also, I had two pieces of packing in there, was reading somewhere there should be four. All Buck Shaft Packing are made in the United States of America, and can be shipped across the Globe. My shafts are 1 1/4" and the packing size is 3/16". What size flax packing do I need? Gland packings are used extensively in the marine field yet they are one of those things that engineers take for granted. Gonna pack them while in the water. Many sail boats have a 1 1/4″, 1 1/8″, 1″ or 7/8″ inch prop shaft and a piece of scrap dodger tube, in your shaft size, works great as a cutting jig for new packing rings. Removing a gland packing can be very tough sometimes, especially if it is old and well set, you need to have specially contoured tools which the marine engineer learns well to make with experience. One wrench is a traditional pipe wrench, and the other is a spanner designed for a sink … In some cases the shafts have even broken due to excessively tightened packing. … Other sizes available on special order. Click on the links below to view the OEM shaft replacement guides for each of the major manufacturers in the industry. Copyright © 2020 Bright Hub PM. That would make the perimeter 157.07 millimeters. amazon_color_logo="FFFFFF"; amazon_ad_height="90"; A valve is only good if its sealing is good and a leaking sealing arrangement amounts to a leaking valve with all its associated faults. Determining the tip thickness of a golf club shaft is important when installing a new shaft in a clubhead. A heavy duty engineer’s knife or a sharpened ordinary knife would do. Take the reference of the old removed packing and cut accordingly. function go2() Keep monitoring the temperature of the gland and if it is getting too hot slacken the same amount. In this article the subject has been discussed in brief and it is hoped that it would be useful to the new marine engineers as well as the practicing marine engineers. Prop Guide:Use our revoluntionary boat propeller guide to find the perfect boat prop for your outboard, stern drive, or ski/wake marine engine. The figure obtained must be divided by 2 to get your gland packing size. The drivetrain starts at the transmission and includes everything through the end of the propeller shaft – including couplings, drive plates, the marine stuffing box and shaft packing, or marine shaft seal, the flex couplings, the cutless bearing and more. function go6() After another five minutes tighten again and monitor the temperature. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Okay, here is a really basic one. amazon_ad_title="BoaterEd Store"; //--> The tightening must be done during the running in process. amazon_ad_height="90"; The standard shaft length is 42". Do not use scissors or hack saw blade etc. I measured the shaft and bore just for curiosity and the shaft is exactly 1" and bore of box is 1.0165 inch. If you have the owners manual and OEM list, you can find the … You adjust the size, somewhat, anyway. This includes shaft finish, pump/driver alignment, cavitation, and vibration. { Advantages compared to other sealing methods: • Lower cost than a PSS or similar "maintenance-free" stuffing box replacement. er temperature where the packing contacts the shaft. April-15-2005 Remember that a gland packing is not supposed to completely prevent leakage of the fluid, a small leakage of about ten drops a minute is required for lubrication and cooling. Whatever size the item or package will be when it’s shipped will be what you input here, including any extra padding or wiggle room you choose to have. “Avoid measuring a used packing ring as a reference to cut a new ring,” Gillette says. Have prop shaft out, gland apart. I have a 2" shaft and just converted to Gore packing and used 5/16". The correct size of the packing should be referred from the instruction manual or measured. Do you recommend using the regular flax packing or the Gore graphite packing. { Usually, I take the old packing to the store, physically match it to the nearest size and buy a bunch of that. COMPRESSION of the packing material around the shaft over a short distance (Usually about 1 shaft diameter in length). location = document.selecter3.select3.options[document.selecter3.select3.selectedIndex].value It is safe to do this as the packing will stay in place … Please use due diligence to determine the proper packing size for your particular stuffing box. Use a set of calipers to make sure your “jig” of choice is the same O.D. As a number of packings are available, the field of selection is very wide. Make sure you know the correct type of golf shaft to replace your current shaft with.