This city of approximately 750,000 includes the most important parts of the Israeli government, including the Knesset, the residence of the president and prime minister and the Supreme Court. Learn more about Israel, including its history. If I forget thee O Jerusalem, let my right hand wither. When confronted by critics of Israel’s claim to the holy city, Prime Minister Menachem Begin would retort, “We didn’t declare Jerusalem to be our capital city, King David declared it 3,000 years ago!” 3) The Jews have never forgotten Jerusalem. The President slammed the … In the Old Testament, the capital of Israel was Jerusalem during the period of the United Monarchy, the time before the Israelites were politically divided. Historically, Jerusalem became the capital of Israel by decree of King David 3,000 years ago, based on his understanding of God’s own choice. Jerusalem is the seat of government and the proclaimed capital, although the latter status has not received wide international recognition. I … Between Israel’s Declaration of Independence (May 14, 1949) and that date, there was no official capital in Israel. Jerusalem was proclaimed as the capital of Israel by the prime-minister David Ben-Gurion on December 13, 1949. Israel, country in the Middle East, located at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea. He simply acknowledged a fact. As far as the Israeli law and the Israeli public are concerned, it’s Jerusalem. And under the Israelite kings, Shomron was the capital city. President Trump had delivered his promise, leadership, strength, and supported the biblical word that Jerusalum [sic] IS the capital of Israel," wrote Christine H. Robinson. According to Israeli law, Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. PSALMS 137:5 (The Israel Bible) Trump didn't make Jerusalem the capital of Israel any more than the U.N. made Israel the Jewish state. But before King David made Jerusalem the capital city of the Jewish people, Shiloh was our capital for 369 years (Book of Samuel, 4). Tel-Aviv was never, ever designated as the capital. The US is the first major country to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital since the Jewish state was created in 1948. The purpose of this post is not to inflame those feelings, but to simply get a better understanding of the different points of view surrounding the capital of Israel. We will attempt to answer the question, what is the capital of Israel, knowing that this is a tricky question that depends a lot on perspective.
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