Black wildebeests can run at speeds of 80 km/h (50 … INTERESTING HUNTING NOTES: Also known as the White Tailed Gnu or to some as the "Clowns … Our black wildebeest hunting opportunities are mainly in the Free State but because black wildebeest hunting can be done in many of our Provinces we are not limited to only hunting black wildebeest … The Black Wildebeest evaded me. It leaves a 9cm long spoor. At first glance, hunting black wildebeest may seem rather easy, as on the open plains where he is often found, he will be relatively easy to locate. There are two species, black wildebeests and blue wildebeests. Males are slightly larger and darker in coloration than females and can weigh upwards 600 pounds and stand 4-5 feet tall. However, this can be challenging due to the difficulty associated with getting inside shooting range while avoiding the watchful eyes of dozens of Blue Wildebeest (to say nothing of the zebra, or any other animals with them). The average weight of Black Wildebeest ranges between 110 and 180 kg (240-400 lb) and the average head-body length is between 170 and 220 cm (67-87 inches). Males of this species are usually taller than females with the average shoulder height of males being 111-121 cm (44-48 inches) whereas for the females it is 106-116 cm … Like the White-Bearded Wildebeest, their manes also are lank. enysse. *3 days/2 Nights of Lodging  (additional nights $500/night) Females are known to weigh as much as 550 pounds. Weight: 243-400 pounds We moved a little closer and it lowered its head and pawed the ground. … A MATURE BLACK WILDEBEEST HAS AN AVERAGE: SHOULDER HEIGHT: OF 47 INCHES WEIGHT: OF 350 POUNDS HORN LENGTH: OF 20 INCHES SCI MINIMUM SCORE IS 72 (Length of both horns + circumference of bases). *All-Inclusive Beverages The common name of this species "gnu" is said to have originated from the Hottentot name t'gnu, which refers to the repeated calls of "ge-nu" made by the male during the mating season. Home >> Plains Game >> Black Wildebeest: Hunting Black Wildebeest in Africa. AH ambassador. Unlike Blue Wildebeests, they do not partake in extended migrations. However, Blue Wildebeest will also eat shrubs and leaves if grass is in short supply. Today, they thrive in great numbers throughout the Cape … They are around 4 feet in length. Additionally, no matter what cartridge and bullet they use when hunting Blue Wildebeest, hunters should not be afraid to take a rapid follow up shot if possible. The Black Wildebeest was near extinction in the 19th century due to demand for their meat and leather. Shoulder height is four feet. We recommend making Black Wildebeest Hunting reservations well in advance to secure availability. They have a gray coat and a black mane as well as a beard that can be black or white. The blue wildebeests weigh up to 260 to 595 lbs. As you can see in the photo below, there is a very small window to the vitals and it is easy to hit too far to either side, or hit the snout. Black Wildebeest Hunting Trophy Fee: $12,500, *Field Dressing Included Their population is estimated at 5,000-10,000. It’s average weight runs between 250-425 pounds. Blue Wildebeest have a well deserved reputation as very tough animals and can take a lot of punishment before they go down for good.  This Blind has a TV that Receives Live Game Camera Footage, a Poker Table, Air Conditioning, and a Fully Stocked Bar. With a maximum weight of 260 kg (570 lb), the females are lighter than the males that can weigh up to 290 kg (640 lb). Blue Wildebeest: Male. Males are slightly larger and darker in coloration than females and can weigh upwards 600 pounds and stand 4-5 feet tall. If you come across one, they are likely to prance about, paw at the ground, and thrash their tails a bit or snort and dash off a short way prior to turning to stare you down! The name Connochaetes was given by German zoologist Hinrich Lichtenstein in 1812. The average shoulder height of the common wildebeest is about 1.3 m (4 ft.).
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